Together with more than 100 women working in tech we've created the following manifesto. It's our declaration of the intentions and motives of this network, created by our members. Over time, this manifesto will evolve.

Members working on the content creation of the manifesto.


A sustainable network is built on meaningful connections, where people share interests & goals in order to grow personally and professionally.

Networking is a community of people realizing their goals.

Consistently nourish your network to make it flourish.

We want to shape the future of technology to be more inclusive.

Make meaningful connections so that we can learn from each other & have a tangible influence on the future of technology.


Equal Expectations: We want to encourage women at whole spectrum, make them visible from school to high point of career. We know that women are at all tech positions and they do their job. We want to show that women are in tech and that they like it and that it’s normal.

Stop Stereotyping: We believe that the best teams are diverse teams, not in terms of gender, religion or colour but in strengths that are offered. Stop stereotyping embrace different personalities and stay curious.

Inclusion: We believe that diversity should include not exclude. Nevertheless focusing on our network and our strengths will support us in reaching equal positions and rights.