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The Swiss network for women in tech and innovation.

We’re excited to announce «WE SHAPE TECH», a regularly meetup for women in tech with the goal of fostering greater diversity in the field. Our vision is to unite Product Owners, Coordinators, Researchers, Designers, Frontend Engineers, Developers and Marketeers to create the leading community in this field.


Our aim is to empower women transforming potential into actions and grow talents into leaders. By creating an environment of trust, we contribute to an open exchange of ideas, knowledge and life hacks among its members. Diversity in tech enriches collaboration which ultimately leads to better products and happier users.

«WE SHAPE TECH» encourages women to step out of their comfort zones shaping an even more ambitious personal agenda. Enhancing female influence within their teams literally starts a virtuous circle. This will make each team member stronger thus helping them to lean in and achieve greater goals beyond the workplace.

our supporters

These companies already supported «WE SHAPE TECH» and therefore made a contribution in fostering greater gender diversity in tech.